Do you know the hot simulation game called Wonderful Island?

Wonderful Island is a farming simulation game like Hay Day. The old master left this island to you before he died. He thought only you could make the island more prosperous and famous. In Wonderful Island, you can plant crops, raise animals and sell products to other players for more gold to develop your island.

Never miss Wonderful Island app if you are a big fan of the simulation game. This game combines a variety of gameplay. Enjoy the charming island views after a busy day must be a good choice. The relaxed gaming experience and pleasant music can soothing your mood. There are rich and varied architectural elements in Wonderful Island game.

Besides that, you can design your island arbitrarily to build different island styles. Without a doubt, your island can be more attractive with some decorative buildings. Abundant NPC plots must be useful to know more about every character. Trade with other players without limited can make your island more prosperous. At the same time, you can also expand the island area.

Currently, it is only available on iOS device. You can get Wonderful Island free download in App Store now. Don’t be upset, the Android version will come soon. Stay tuned more related news of Wonderful Island here. And we will keep on updating some useful game guides to help you enjoy your game.

Buy FFXIV Gil at gold.raiditem to speed up your progress

Since experience is the game’s point system and it drives many facets of this game, I had to earn my way. There are so many ways of gaining experience, and it includes killing monsters, completing levels, and participating in Full Active Time Events (FATEs). These are changing scenarios and they pop up around Eorzea. Apart from earning experience, I would earn Gil after participating in FATEs. I would also earn FFXIV Gil by completing main storyline quests, side quests, and class quests. Also, completing challenge logs, hunting logs, and duty roulettes would earn me experience in FFXIV.

You can also make your own FFXIV gear but you will first have to unlock the Materia System. To be able to convert items into Materia, you must have reached level 19 an above. To be able to meld Materia onto your items, you should finish a quest that is found next to the first quest giver, and the pre-requisite is to have a Disciple of Hand class with level 19 and above. But if your class is Culinarian, you don’t need to fulfill these pre-requisites. And we have 24 types of FFXIV Items Materia in this game, and each one represents a specific stat. For the primary stats of strength, dexterity, vitality, intelligence, mind, and piety, you need Blue Materia. For secondary stats such as accuracy, critical hit rate, determination, and parry, you need Red Materia. We also have Purple Materia for spell and skill speed, and Green Materia for crafting, gathering, and elemental resists.

There were also a variety of ways in which I could gain experience, and this included food buffs which I would obtain after eating some meal items. Apart from increasing my experience, eating food also gained me other attributes such as strength, dexterity, vitality, and intelligence. I was allowed to buy FFXIV Items enjoy the impact of a single meal at any one time and I would gain 3% additional experience for 30 minutes. There are different meals and they are prepared by gold.raiditem Culinarians at different levels. For instance, an Alligator Salad is prepared by a level 31 Culinarian and it gave me an extra 6% of perception and 2% of Gathering Points.