Final Fantasy XIV Companion App Is Coming For iOS & Android –

The official website of Final Fantasy XIV revealed that the game’s Companion app has been launched for iOS and Android. A free version of the app is available now, and the premium service plan will be available for $5.00 per month. With this app, gamers can complete and complete many in-game tasks. In this article, gold.raiditem introduces several features of the Companion App. Alternatively, you can visit our website to purchase Final Fantasy XIV Gil cheap and safe.

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After launching the app, players enter their Square Enix account information, and designate a character to use for the app. Those who use the app will be able to “register an additional favored destination aetheryte.”
Both versions of the app will allow players to sync their friends list and communicate with others through the app. The app will also allow players to use the scheduler to plan events among other uses. The free version also allows players to sort inventory, access the market board, put items up for sale, or purchase items. The app will also feature a login bonus of a Kupo Nut every day, and will also have Final Fantasy XIV Gil.
The paid premium version doubles the saddlebag capacity and allows players to hire an additional retainer. Those with the premium plan will also receive an additional Kupo Nut every day, and will be able to hold more Kupo Nuts.
If players’ Final Fantasy XIV accounts expire, chat and other features in the app will remain available for up to 30 days. After the 30-day period, players will no longer have access to any features in the app.
There are several features of the app:

Market Board

Items listed on the market board can be purchased by using FFXIV Gil: Kupo Nuts can be obtained as login bonuses and Mog Coins are available as in-app purchases.


Chat with other players who are using the companion app,your in-game friends, Free Company and Linkshell members, and more!

Event List

Create, edit, and manage scheduled events, bringing your friends together to take on raids, trials and more!

Item Management

Sort, move, sell, or discard your items with the tap of a button!

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Important Guides: How To Use Your Workforce In Albion Online –

All loyal players of Albion Online should know that workers play an important role in the game.  Although they don’t seem to have much resources compared to the setup cost, in the long run, they don’t just pay for themselves. In this guide, the best Albion Online Gold seller Gold.raiditem will discuss how to build your first work space and how to use the workforce to collect, make and make money with all players.

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Types of Laborers

This is an ideal start for laborers – who wouldn’t want to live in a property like this? Now we have a decision to make: which type of laborer should we choose? Whichever we choose, we will want to fill this house with the maximum number of laborers of that specific type that the house can support: all Croppers, all Tinkers, and so on. Laborers fall into 3 categories: Gathering, Mercenary, and Crafting.
Hiring Your First Laborers

For the purpose of this example, our character is a Skinner, so it makes sense for the 3 laborers in this house to be Gamekeepers. A quick visit to the house board near the front door will allow us to hire three Gamekeepers (one at at time) for little Albion Online Gold. If we were interested in crafting leather items, we could also consider employing Crafting laborers to work hand-in-hand with our Gamekeepers for the next house we build.

Please be aware that with the Merlyn update, the Royal cities (and the islands attached to them) received refining and crafting bonuses for specific item types. With these bonuses in mind, you can put the correct laborers in the correct locations for added synergy.

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Warframe Will Launch New Creature Fortuna – Warframe Platinum For Sale At Gold.raiditem

Warframe is about to launch a new expansion plan called Fortuna. Fortuna is a new creature that you will track, calm and capture these creatures to protect them from the unresolved climate disasters that Corpus uses with the ancient terrain machines of Venus.

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Today, will share details of some new creatures with you. Based on this information, if you want to capture new creatures, you need to buy warframe Platinum to solve all the problems you may have. You must be interested in this new expansion, let us learn together now!
All four of the concepts revealed are quadrupeds, and they all seem at least vaguely mammalian. There’s the Snow Critter, which was seen at the Tennocon reveal of Fortuna, and is a mix of a “marten, shrew, and anteater.”
A creature dubbed the Snow Predator looks a bit less friendly. It has rodent-like teeth that have curled and grown through its head, and has a blubber-covered body and flippers for paws.

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There are two unnamed concepts, too. One looks a bit like a snow-adapted jumbo version of an armadillo or pangolin, and has curved paws in front and wood-like scales covering its upper body. The other is a bit more nightmarish, with whorls of wrinkled flesh over its body and spurs of bone on its back and snout.
You’ll be able to capture these creatures using Fortuna’s new tracking and hunting systems. The snow critter may even be able to be recruited as a companion, as a note on the image margins says it “fits on a Kavat skel”. So, it would better to captue them than killing them.

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