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Details About Path of Exile on PlayStation 4 – Raiditem

Many of you are eagerly awaiting a firm launch date for our PlayStation 4 release so we wanted to give you an update about what to expect in the coming weeks. Development has been completed and we are still expecting to launch in mid March. We’re very excited to bring Path of Exile to PlayStation gamers. We can’t wait for you to check out Path of Exile: Synthesis next month! Feel free to visit raiditem if you need to buy poe items cheap and fast.


The expansion, which introduces new “memory fragment” maps and a map-building Memory Nexus meta-game, will March 8 on PC. Please check out the announcement page, watch the trailer and check out the new supporter packs!

Synthesis is geared towards giving players more control over two major elements: world areas and items. Synthesis is designed as a moderately story-focused expansion, and is geared around a new NPC named Cavas. Cavas is a spirit who has forgotten his past – though he clearly played in important role in the world of Wraeclast’s history. Players are tasked with helping him restore his memories by encountering and stabilising memory fragments.

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Synthesised Items gives players their first control over the implicit mods that are considered key parts of an item. These are created using a machine in the Memory Nexus. Synthesised Items use three Fractured Items as ingredients to create a new white (normal) item, with the implicit mods of the new items based on the explicit (other) mods of the Fractured Items.

The release of Synthesis is also bringing multiple changes to the core Path of Exile game. Firstly, the Betrayal content will be added to the base game. This includes the addition of Jun Otori as a Forsaken Master – appearing in the Maraketh Desert in Act Nine onwards – as well as some rebalanced and integration so that the content appears less often.

Finally, Synthesis will introduce sixteen new unique items to the over-850 already in the game. With there being so many unique items, Grinding Gear Games is making sure that all new items always add new and interesting effects.

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