Full Patch Notes of Runescape in Anachronia

After the massive summer update of runescape, the Black Ops team has been working hard to resolve post-post changes based on your feedback. Check out the full patch notes on the best RuneScape 07 Items and rs items seller – raiditem! As a reminder, you can visit Anachronia right now in-game! Simply head over to the Digsite to start your journey!


Patch Notes

Here’s just a few highlights from today’s changes:

A ‘never ask me again’ option has been added to the bait pad in Big Game Hunter, providing all three traps are not built.
Failing an encounter in Big Game Hunter will no longer reduce the amount of dinosaurs you can hunt in the area. Leaving, teleporting out of area, or killing a dino will still make progress towards the encounter going on cooldown.
Trapper fragments can now be obtained via Big Game Hunter.
We’ve also added a new achievement that requires you to be caught by all dinosaurs in Big Game Hunter!

Umbral Chests
From midday on July 25th, anyone who buys the 450 Treasure Hunter key package will also get a free Umbral Chest, each of which contains a guaranteed purple prize! We’ve also buffed the other rewards you’ll find inside. This offer will be available until midday on August 22nd.

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