Watch Fortnite Champion Series Season X Finals on September 20

This weekend, the Fortnite Champion Series Season X Finals will crown the first ever Fortnite regional champions. And you can also buy fortnite accounts from raiditem to help you level up quickly.


The Schedule (In Eastern Standard Time)

Friday Sep 20
Heat 1 – Europe, NA East, NA West, Brazil, OCE, Asia
Heats 1 and 2 – Middle East
2pm – Show Starts
10:30pm – Show Ends

Saturday Sep 21
Heats 2, 3 and 4 – Europe, NA East, NA West, Brazil, OCE, Asia
Grand Finals – Middle East
11am – Show Starts
6:30pm – Show Ends

Sunday Sep 22
Grand Finals – Europe, NA East, NA West, Brazil, OCE, Asia
11am – Show Starts
10:30pm – Show Ends

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RS3 Summer Escape Event is Coming – Raiditem

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Week 1: Summer Skilling Bonanza

After the game update on August 5th to 23:59 on August 11th, every non-combat skill will receive a variety of boosts and buffs.

Week 2: Combat and Slayer

Week two, which runs from 00:00 on August 12th to 23:59 on August 18th, focuses on Combat and Slayer.

Week 3: Elite Dungeons and Dungeoneering

Week 3 runs from 00:00 on August 19th to 23:59 on August 25th.

Week 4: Anachronia Week

Finally, between 00:00 on August 26th to 23:59 on September 1st, everyone’s favourite dinosaur-infested landmass will be receiving buffs across the board.

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Full Patch Notes of Runescape in Anachronia

After the massive summer update of runescape, the Black Ops team has been working hard to resolve post-post changes based on your feedback. Check out the full patch notes on the best RuneScape 07 Items and rs items seller – raiditem! As a reminder, you can visit Anachronia right now in-game! Simply head over to the Digsite to start your journey!


Patch Notes

Here’s just a few highlights from today’s changes:

A ‘never ask me again’ option has been added to the bait pad in Big Game Hunter, providing all three traps are not built.
Failing an encounter in Big Game Hunter will no longer reduce the amount of dinosaurs you can hunt in the area. Leaving, teleporting out of area, or killing a dino will still make progress towards the encounter going on cooldown.
Trapper fragments can now be obtained via Big Game Hunter.
We’ve also added a new achievement that requires you to be caught by all dinosaurs in Big Game Hunter!

Umbral Chests
From midday on July 25th, anyone who buys the 450 Treasure Hunter key package will also get a free Umbral Chest, each of which contains a guaranteed purple prize! We’ve also buffed the other rewards you’ll find inside. This offer will be available until midday on August 22nd.

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Community Racing Event Will Come on June 29th

Path of exile will offer their support by providing an ExileCon prize package for the Rank 1 winner who will be flown to New Zealand to attend ExileCon and compete in the live ExileCon race finale! More details will be told on this article and the best chaos orbs for sale on raiditem. Come to get yours!


The event will have players competing to reach level 80 in SSFHC Legion. There will be no additional mods aside from the Legion itself. The event is open for everyone (however, there is a private league cap of 2,000 players), so if you’d like to join, you can request an invitation here.

In addition to a cash prize pool, funded by Kammell himself, the first winner will get an Exilecon prize package which includes a VIP Exilecon Ticket, an entry into the grand racing finals at ExileCon, return flights to New Zealand and accommodation around the event.

The event will begin at 12pm Saturday 29th June (PDT). Casting will be done by ZiggyD, Octavian and Brittleknee! It is very convenient and easy to buy exalted orbs and chaos orbs at raiditem and your account is definitely safe here.

The race will be open participation up to the 2,000 private league cap and the Rank 1 player will get one of the trips to ExileCon from GGG and race as part of that event. The race will be to level 80 and have no added mods. The race will be made in a private league based in the new league but we don’t know the name of that league yet.

Prize Pool:

Rank 1: ExileCon Ticket provided by GGG and 40% of prize pool
Rank 2: 25% of prize pool
Rank 3: 15% of prize pool
Rank 4: 10% of prize pool
Rank 5: 10% of prize pool

Best of luck to our racers! If you’re unable to participate in this event, don’t worry, path of exile will have two more ExileCon qualification events planned in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye on our announcements! In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to buy poe items from raiditem and enjoy the biggest discount!

Fortnite Update: Competitive-focused AMA Preview

This week, fortnite team made changes to the Drum Gun, Baller, Compact SMG, and Slipstreams. Hop into the patch notes for some insight into these adjustments. Now let’s look through to this changes. And welcome to buy fortnite power leveling at raiditem where you can enjoy big discounts.


It’s important that we do better moving forward when explaining intent for various changes within Battle Royale. Starting with the v9.01 patch notes, we are working to give extra context when we make significant game changes.

We initially added this feature to help improve early game looting, making it easier to get weapons & items in the slots that you wanted. We’ve fixed some bugs and iterated on this feature since its release, but recognize that some players may not want it enabled at all. With an upcoming release, we’ll be making “Hold to Swap” a settings option, giving you the choice.

In addition to the weekly communications, we will be holding an AMA in the next few weeks on the Fortnite Competitive subreddit. This AMA will be specifically focused around questions regarding competitive Fortnite. We will share the time and date as we finalize the details.

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‘Fortnite’ Season 8, Week 8 Challenge Guide

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We’re eight weeks into Season 8 in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and things are finally getting going. Ruin is here, promising fiery death for untold portions of the map, and there’s a mysterious rune that we can move around the island by whacking at it. It all seems to have something to do with the massive hatch/UFO or what have you that’s shown up in the bottom of Loot Lake. If you are looking for a reliable website to buy fortnite accounts and fortnite power leveling, is the best website.

But for anyone looking up to grind the battle pass, the name of the game remains the same: challenges. It’s a long way up to that Tier 100 Luxe skin at the top of the game, and you’re running out of time in which to get it. Lucky or you, the week 8 challenges are actually fun: we’ve got giant telephones that have shown up on the map, we’ve got a good old-fashioned hidden object hunt, and we’ve even got a treasure map of the kind that had disappeared back in Season 6. If you’re trying to get these done as quickly as possible, we’ve got a handy cheat sheet for you:

If you want more specific instructions on the treasure map signpost–it can be a bit tricky–Erik Kain has them here.

That should get all of the location-based challenges done for you. Some of the other ones won’t be quite as easy to do just by galivanting all over the map, but luckily those aren’t that bad either: eliminating opponents at a distance of 50m or more is super simple with Air Royale currently enabled, and doing damage with a balloon attached should be fairly straightforward if you boot up a respawn-enabled mode like Food Fight or Team Rumble.

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PoE 3.7.0 Expansion Between the 17th and 24th of May – Raiditem

We are currently planning to announce the 3.7.0 expansion between the 17th and 24th of May although we will give you a firmer indication of the timing as we get closer to the announcement. It is highly recommended to buy poe items as early as possible on raiditem with more fun!



In just over two weeks poe team plan to announce the full details of an end-of-league event that we expect to begin around the 10th of May. We are currently investigating whether this event will be possible on console. It looks likely so far. This is likely to be something in the vein of either a Mayhem/Turmoil pair or Flashback. We always love to see community highlights from these events and can’t wait to see what shenanigans you get up to!

The current end date for the Synthesis League on PC is Tuesday June 4th at 10am NZDT. This may change as we get closer to it but we will let you know. Synthesis will end on console when the 3.7.0 league is launched. We’ll go into more detail about its exact contents when we announce it, but can confirm that there is a significant balance focus on Melee and a League of a simpler scope than the last few. Our internal playtest version of the new league is much further along than leagues normally are at this point in the development cycle. We’re hoping it’ll be a new fan-favorite.

We are also considering ending Synthesis on PC when the 3.7.0 expansion launches so that people can continue to play right up until launch if they so wish. We are very keen to see how the community feels about this before we go about changing it. Let us know your thoughts! Related to this, we are interested in feedback on whether players would prefer that we have leagues run up until when the next one starts on PC, rather than ending a few days beforehand.

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Details about Block & Featured Island Guidelines

Now is your chance to be featured in-game! You can present an official way to submit yoursubmit your block or featured island creations directly to Epic for review. hurry up! And don’t miss raiditem if you want to buy fortnite items with cheap price and fast delivery. Before you do, make sure you review the guidelines for Featured Islands and The Block below.



What they’re looking for when reviewing Featured Island submissions:

Your island is a game.
Fortnite is looking for a mix of game types. Your island can be a multiplayer, coop, pvp, solo, puzzle, parkour experience or something totally new. Innovate!
It has clear game rules.
It is easy to understand.
The map is aesthetically pleasing.
It is unique and is ultimately your own work.
Contains no inappropriate content.
Does not include any images, artwork, sculptures, structures, logos, words, phrases, lyrics or music that are under copyright or trademark, as well as any content that was not created solely by you.


What they’re looking for when reviewing Block submissions:

A unique aesthetic theme / style.
A unique and original level design.
Thoughtful set dressing for both interior and exterior zones.
Dynamic and interesting player pathing throughout the zones.
Significant landmarks that players can use for orientation and callouts.

What they avoid when reviewing Block submissions:

Large, empty interiors.
Unoriginal designs & remakes of old Battle Royale locations.
Too many resources available.
For example, don’t place massive amounts of Wood, Stone or Metal in a concentrated location.
Zones that are difficult for players to fight in.
For example, tight spaces with limited mobility or areas that don’t take line of sight into account.
Poor player pathing and navigation.
Any images, artwork, sculptures, structures, logos, words, phrases, lyrics or music that are under copyright or trademark, as well as any content that was not created solely by you.
Below are a few more notes to keep in mind when creating your block submission.

Pick a style and stick with it. If your design requires multiple themes to achieve a particular style, that’s totally ok.
It’s ok to push boundaries and try something that looks different. Think about what makes your block stand out amongst the other submissions.

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