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Pilgrim’s Bounty Has Returns On November 19 – 26

The main Pilgrim’s Bounty festivities take place at bountiful tables which can be found located throughout many zones in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Various seasonal vendors and questgivers surround the major cities’ tables, offering special cooking ingredients and related daily quests. More information you can check out on – the best WoW gold and WoW classic gold seller.


Below is the overview of the event:

So far there seems nothing really new in 2018 but the holiday is a great time for grinding reputation and learning cooking recipes.

Pilgrim’s Bounty is a festival of food and sharing which can be celebrated outside of each of major cities. During holiday, players will find feasting tables full of wonderful seasonal cuisine which they can help themselves to as well as pass to share with others. The holiday is an in-game version of the harvest festival of Thanksgiving , though it should not be confused with the Harvest festival which takes place in September. By the way, Raiditem’s Thanksgiving discount has begun. If you need to buy WoW gold in stock with cheao price and fast delivery, will be your best choice.

Completion of the nine holiday achievements specified by Pilgrim will grant a player title – Pilgrim <Name>.
There are two battle pets – Plump Turkey and Bush Chicken
There is one toy – Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter
The Spirit of Sharing is a great reputation buff, which is useful for hitting the requirements for Allied Races.
Each faction can learn five cooking recipes.

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